Remote Work Solutions For Small, Mid and Enterprise Businesses


Is your office system not meeting your remote working needs?

Are you looking to expand your workforce’s remote work capabilities?

Mobex’ advanced remote work solutions allows businesses to leverage multiple communication channels such as desktop phones, mobile apps, Microsoft Teams integration and business SMS.

You no longer have to forward office calls to employee’s cell phones. We enable you to link our office phones to our mobile and computer apps; or, free yourself from a desktop phone altogether.

Seamlessly communicate from any connected device.

Collaboration doesn’t mean you need to be in a room together. Connect with your office and clients from any connected desktop phone, mobile phone or computer. Make and receive calls, text messages, chats, hold meetings, and more from anywhere. 

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Empower your team and stay connected

To keep in touch with your business accounts while working remotely, your workforce can take advantage of all of our mobile communication features:

  • Utilize all of the functionality of a PBX from our mobile apps: Extension to extension dialing, call transfers, auto-attendant, ring groups, time of day routing, voicemail to email, and so much more! Send and receive calls from our mobile apps using your business telephone numbers and not your employee’s personal numbers.
  • Send and receive text messages using your business telephone numbers.
  • Video Conferencing – Connect with your team face-to-face, even when you’re out of the office. Unlimited app-to-app HD audio and video calls.
  • Integrated Instant Messaging for real-time collaboration
  • Intra-app file transferring.
  • Screen Sharing
  • Access call analytics and help desk tools to administer your everyday operations.
  • Localized phone numbers in over 60 countries

Download our apps on up to four devices per user (Accounts Sync Across Desktop & Mobile). Start sending and receiving calls and texts from your smartphone, laptop, tablet and more.

Cloud softphone

Microsoft Teams

Or, if you already have a office communication platform like Microsoft Teams, we can integrate your office phone system into your platform for seamless calling and texting capabilities!

Microsoft Teams Calling and Texting

Empowering Your Employees to Work Remotely

Mobex has long created innovative products that power remote work for people all around the globe. You can count on reliable productivity and communication, even when working conditions are unpredictable or unexpected.

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If you are trapped with an old phone system that doesn’t optimize mobility or if you are looking to expand your remote work policies, contact us now.

Have Questions?

If you have a question we haven’t answered yet, please contact us any time by:

Calling us at 1-855-US-MOBEX (1-855-876-6239),texting us at 813-990-0996,or emailing us at

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