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Cloudsoftphone apps for iPhone, Android, Mac and PCs.

VoIP Mobile Apps

The Cloudsoftphone app is the first mobile SIP client capable of replacing your desktop phone.  Jam packed with all the features you’ve come to expect from SIP devices and desktop softphones. You may find yourself using these softphone apps more often than your office and mobile phone lines combined. 

Take the power of your desktop phone with you whenever and wherever you are on the move. No more using personal cell phone numbers while on the job. Our powerful mobile app enables your team to send and receive calls and text messages using their company telephone numbers while on the go. 

With features like call conferencing, transfer and attended transfer, multiline, voicemail notification and many more, Cloudsoftphone has all the features a business user on the go needs.  With highly configurable settings and a simple to use interface, Cloudsoftphone is a must have for SIP users.

You no longer have to forward office calls to employee’s cell phones. We enable you to link our office phones to our mobile and computer apps; or, free yourself from a desktop phone altogether.

Collaboration doesn’t mean you need to be in a room together. Connect with your office and clients from any connected desktop phone, mobile phone or computer. Make and receive calls, text messages, chats, hold meetings, and more from anywhere. 

Download our apps on up to four devices per user (Accounts Sync Across Desktop & Mobile). Start sending and receiving calls and texts from your smartphone, laptop, tablet and more.

Our softphone apps can be easily set up within seconds through our certified team of VoIP trainers

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