VoIP Mobile Apps

Mobex has tested and recommends the following Softphone apps for iPhone, Android, Mac and PCs.

Bria Softphone by CounterPath – For iPhone/Android and Mac/PCs $3.95/month


Get all of your business communication tools, in one place with the Bria softphone app. Easily call, video chat, text message, meet and share whether you’re at a desk, on the move, or work from home.

Take communications anywhere, no matter what network or device you use it on. Bria is available across a variety of devices, including phones and desktop PCs, and easily works with your VoIP service or call server.

• Send and receive calls using your business number. Or, transfer calls between co-workers and departments using your personal app extension.

• Text messages using your business number or, using your personal direct telephone number.    

• Chat with co-workers instantly instead of sending emails. 

• Start a chat room or grab a colleague's attention @ mentions.

• Meet face to face even if you're miles apart with HD video calling

• Share files, photos, videos and more from Bria and reduce swapping between apps to collaborate effectively and efficiently.

Mobex recommends the Bria smartphone app for multi employee offices.

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Groundwire Softphone by Acrobits - SIP smartphone apps for iPhone and Android $9.99/ea.


The Groundwire is the first mobile SIP client capable of replacing your desktop phone.  Jam packed with all the features you’ve come to expect from SIP devices and desktop softphones. You may find yourself using this smartphone app more often than your office and mobile phone lines combined.  Supporting both multitasking functionality of Apple mobile devices and the original Acrobits Softphone’s reliable Push Notification Service, you’ll be able to customize Groundwire to fit your precise needs.

With features like call conferencing, transfer and attended transfer, multiline, voicemail notification and many more, Groundwire has all the features a business user on the go needs.  With highly configurable settings and a simple to use interface, Groundwire is a must have for SIP users.

Mobex recommends the Acrobits Groundwire for single and multi-user business accounts.

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GS Wave Lite by Grandstream - Sip smartphone apps for iPhone and Android: Free

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Expand your communications solution by linking your desk phone to your mobile device to keep in touch with your business and residential accounts while working remotely or traveling. Wave Lite is a free softphone that revolutionizes a user’s workflow. It integrates with up to 6 SIP accounts and supports essential call control features such as 6-way voice conferencing, 24 virtual BLF keys, 2-way video calls, and so much more.

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