What's Different About Mobex’s Customer Service?

We believe that customer service should be just as important, better yet more important than other aspects of our company. After all, it’s the direct connection between you and us.

Here at Mobex, we believe that the customer always comes first. And to honor that, we provide you with access to a wide range of services that can be selected before installation and modified at any time. Live representatives and a personalized service means that you can have everything tailored to your individual preferences.
We will work to understand your expectations and make sure all our practices are honest, we are always prepared to do the job, and solve any problems in a timely manner. And with our no contract policy, you can easily leave whenever you feel that you no longer need us.

Our Customer Service Representatives Are Trained To Meet All Your Requirements

  • Personalized Service– Mobex is all about personalizing your service for you as an individual. We provide a wide range of features for you to choose from and tailor your service so that you get only what you need.
  • Understanding the Customer’s Expectations– We understand that every customer has expectations they would like to be met, and we will always try to make sure we exceed those expectations.
  • Experienced and Professional– Everything installed by Mobex is installed by an experienced person in a professional manner. We will always come prepared.

Beyond Customer Service, We Value Trust Over Anything

So here are a few of our guarantees :

  • No contracts- Mobex has a no contract policy. You are free to leave at any time if you feel that our service was not the best, you found a better VoIP provider, or you just don’t need to be with us anymore. We won’t charge you any cancellation fees, and we won’t pester you after you have left the service.
  • Honest Practices– All our practices are honest, and we will never hit you with any intentional “mistakes” or shady sales techniques to rip you off.
  • Trust– Your trust matters to us, and that’s why we will always make sure to give you the best service and always aim to meet your expectations.

Have Questions?

If you have a question we haven’t answered yet, please contact us any time by:

Calling us at 1-855-US-MOBEX (1-855-876-6239),texting us at 813-990-0996,or emailing us at

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