Enterprise and Wholesale

Send and Receive Text Messages

$ Low per message rates

$ Not tied to any voice carrier

Free Desktop and Mobile Apps with –  

  • Incoming text messages appear on apps with one or multiple agents to handle.
  • Send to a single or blast to multiple numbers
  • Slack-like internal messaging – with direct messaging and group messaging.
  • Updates CRM
  • Web Live Chat
  • Able to White label

Integration with Microsoft D365 CRM

  • Fully integrated into D365 user panel to send and receive text messages

SMS to SIP Simple Conversion

  • Send and receive sms messages on your VoIP phone or mobile app
  • Send sms messages (notifications) to VoIP phones and apps via SIP Invite to your network

API Access

  • Send sms via API and receive (Post) sms to your URL



$ Wholesale / Volume per Minute Pricing

Origination and Termination

  • Includes US and Canadian Provinces
  • Toll Free Origination and Termination
  • US and Canadian DIDs and Toll Free Numbers

Franchise (Like) Complete Turnkey VoIP Business

  • Great for MSPs / Large Enterprise and Schools
  • Your business, your name
  • All necessary hardware and software
  • Training
  • Ongoing support

Call Center

  • Quality Routes at low prices
  • Dedicated Vici Dialers Available


  • API to establish accounts, order DIDs, check CDR and more
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