Teams Direct Routing

Simplifying Communications – Microsoft Teams Users Can Now Integrate Their Office Phone System To Send And Receive Calls And Texts On Any Device Thanks To Mobex’s Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Services.

Mobex’s unique Microsoft Teams Direct Routing and VoIP communications platform enables seamless Teams collaboration with advanced voices services, including integration with existing VoIP systems, crystal-clear voice quality, text messaging services and a proven history of 99.999 reliability. The combination provides all the features employers need to take advantage of Microsoft Teams, while delivering business continuity — ultimately making their business and employees more productive, mobile, and secure.

Advantages of Partnering with Mobex for your Direct Routing needs:

  • Text Messaging – Mobex gives your company and employees the ability to text from your business line directly within Microsoft Teams. Use a single number for both SMS and voice calls. This eliminates the need to send texts to contacts from a personal cell phone or third-party application with a different telephone number.
  • VoIP Integration – Mobex for Teams works seamlessly with VoIP phones so organizations can leverage previous investments. Replace or integrate with your existing phone system. Routing, transferring and calling between Teams users and non-Teams extensions, such as VoIP phones, works effortlessly thanks to Mobex for Teams Direct Routing capabilities.
  • Full PBX Functionality – All of the calling features businesses need, such as multi-level auto-attendants, advanced ring groups, call recording (both for Teams and non-Teams users), time of day routing, and more are fully enabled.
  • Platform-Level Solution – Unlike apps or bots which can be used to loosely connect services, Mobex for Teams is a platform-level solution ensuring users can fully-leverage all of the features of both Teams and Mobex. The solution not only improves reliability, it also alleviates the risks associated with relying on untested 3rd parties and unplanned updates made to browsers.
  • Top Rated Customer Service ­– Your success is our success. Call, text, email, live chat, video, social media, we are here for you and want to hear from you.
  • Volume Pricing – Priced right for businesses of all sizes.

Since our Microsoft Teams Direct Routing runs natively on every device, employees can call and text from their business line regardless if they are using a tablet, laptop / desktop or mobile device. This give employees added convenience and mobility while providing the oversight and security required by businesses.

If you are looking to simplify your communications all under a single platform, contact us now for a free consultation on our Microsoft Teams Texting and Direct Routing services.

For more information, contact us.


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