September 19

Perks of Using an Intercom System


There are many business types that can benefit from an intercom system. From communicating internally to being able to speak with tenants at a complex, business intercome in Southeast Florida is a must for many ventures. Our communication service near Tampa, FL is here to help your business through the entire intercom system install and use. There are a ton of perks for choosing Mobex to unify your business communication. Take a look below to learn some of the perks of using an intercom and why you should choose us to help facilitate the transition. Perks of Using an Intercom: Easily Communicate with Tenants As a building or complex tenants enter into their residence, an intercom can help increase security. If needed, someone can answer quickly if there’s an emergency situation. Whether it’s a guest or resident, an intercom can make communication much easier for everyone. Allow Tenant Access Tenants can access the intercom system no matter where they are. If a guest is visiting but they aren’t home, it can be set to offer the tenant a mobile alert so they are aware someone is there waiting for them to allow entrance. Keep Everyone Informed Passing information between building administrators, tenants and guests have never been easier. This device offers seamless communication for everyone involved! Reasons to Choose Mobex: Programmed Numbers With Mobex for Comelit, you gain the ability to program numbers into your hardware. Easily set up call boxes and forwarding numbers so your residents can communicate with anyone at the gate regardless of where they are. Live Customer Service Rep Forget automated “self-help” menus. With Mobex Service for Comelit, whenever you need to troubleshoot or ask a question, you talk to a real agent, each and every time. Get your problem resolved quickly and get back to business quickly. Access to Test Numbers Have a technician on site that needs to test a few things out? No worries, we set you up with your own unique test numbers that you can use to make sure the system works exactly as you want it. No need to wait for us to test. Control your features and services on your time. Now that you more about the perks of using an intercom for your apartment or condo complex, you can feel confident as you choose Mobex! We offer other communication services as well that easily integrate into other communication methods. Keep your business communication near Tampa, FL unified for easier integration and support. We look forward to keeping your business connected! LIKE us on Facebook FOLLOW us on Twitter CONNECT with us on LinkedIn Check us out on Google My Business FOLLOW us on Instagram


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