Mobex is excited to announce our newest business text messaging innovation – Direct Texting with Microsoft Dynamics D365 (CRM). If you’re interested in becoming a tester for our new service, don’t miss your chance! Our communications business in Tampa, Florida is thrilled to be able to roll out this new product in the near future. If you’re interested in learning how we can help your business stay connected, we have a number of solutions available. Communication is key and we understand you need to stay connected to your customers and co-workers. That’s why we help you unify your business communication when you work with Mobex!
Mobex in partnership with Andosi has developed a business text messaging platform, integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM), so that you can send and receive text messages directly within Microsoft’s CRM.
We are seeking beta users – YES as in FREE users!
Direct Texting Beta Tester Details:This technology allows prospects and customer to text directly to your main office number (not a cell phone). Texts can also be sent from within Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 CRM to your customer’s mobile device, using your office number (not a short code) Or, you can even set up auto-responders
 to respond to incoming texts. All conversations are then captured in the CRM making it one of the only two-way text to CRM options available for Microsoft Dynamics D365!
There are dozens of uses where two-way texting will benefit both you and your customers, including service calls, sales requests, support, etc.
Your current voice service will not be affected. Rather, we are upgrading your existing business number with 21st century text messaging capabilities.
Phone calls can be demanding on your customers and take too long, while email can be cumbersome for back-and-forth conversations, or simply go unread. In today’s world some transactions are better handled by text.


For additional information also visit our D365 Text to CRM page. Or, get started with your free trial at: Beta is available now! – and get up to three months of D365 Text to CRM for free!
Give us a call, or shoot us a text, to discuss how our beta testing program can benefit you (813) 990-0996.
General Release is scheduled for Q3, 2019.

What are you waiting for? This limited beta test is a great opportunity to test out our new direct text messaging service. If you’re interested in seeing how your business can benefit from our communication service, sign up to be a beta tester today.  Contact us now to learn how we can help you become a beta tester for our new product!

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