Your business needs to be connected and we understand your connection is vital to your success. We know it’s important to stay connected both internally and externally. From calling potential clients to setting up a meeting with co-workers, you need to stay connected. Mobex works hard to provide any size business with reliable communication services. We set the bar high for our customer service, as well. We can help you create the right communication mix for your unique business needs. Experience the difference when you choose to work with us. Learn more about the services we offer and what Mobex can do for you!


Upgrade Your Current Phone Service – We cab set your business phone to run on a reliable system that can handle and provide all of your favorite features such as Auto-Attendant, Ring Groups, Call Forwarding and so much more. Reliable phone is an important attribute for your business. When the phone rings, you never know who’s on the other end. It could just very well be your next big client! Ensure those important calls come in with phone service that is reliable and professional.

Mobex Fiber Optic – Mobex is now offering the fastest, most reliable FIBER OPTIC INTERNET available. Get the speeds your company needs at the prices you’ll love! We’re thrilled to keep businesses connected via the internet. Almost every daily task involves internet for most businesses. There’s nothing worse than losing internet and halting all business production. Keep your employees connected and working with reliable fiber optic business internet service in central Florida.


Use Text To Improve Customer Service – Your customer loves to text more than talking on their phone. Provide a new way for them to communicate with your business based on their terms. Watch your responses grow! Many business professionals actually prefer texting and we can help provide a texting feature that allows you to reach out and receive text messages on behalf of your business. We’re testing out this new feature & looking for testers. Check out the details of this test below:

Mobex is excited to announce our newest business text messaging innovation – Direct Texting with Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM).
Mobex in partnership with Andosi has developed a business text messaging platform, integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM), so that you can send and receive text messages directly within Microsoft’s CRM.

We are seeking beta users – YES as in FREE users!

This technology allows prospects and customer to text directly to your main office number (not a cell phone). Texts can also be sent from within Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 CRM to your customer’s mobile device, using your office number (not a short code) Or, you can even set up auto-responders to respond to incoming texts. All conversations are then captured in the CRM making it one of the only two-way text to CRM options available for Microsoft Dynamics D365!

There are dozens of uses where two-way texting will benefit both you and your customers, including service calls, sales requests, support, etc.

Your current voice service will not be affected. Rather, we are upgrading your existing business number with 21st century text messaging capabilities.

Phone calls can be demanding on your customers and take too long, while email can be cumbersome for back-and-forth conversations, or simply go unread. In today’s world some transactions are better handled by text.

For additional information also visit our D365 Text to CRM page. Or, get started with your free trial at: Beta is available now! – and get up to three months of D365 Text to CRM for free!
Give us a call, or shoot us a text, to discuss how our beta testing program can benefit you (813) 990-0996.

We’ve built our platform with every business in mind, big and small. Mobex’s clients expand from small businesses to global enterprises. We work with family businesses, franchises, and sole proprietorships, as well.

What are you waiting for? Now’s the perfect time to upgrade your business communication service. We can even help you find the right types of communication methods that will work best for your unique business communication needs. Contact Mobex today to set up an appointment for a custom communication mix for your business communication needs!

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