Ever wonder what the typical workplace will look like in a few short years’ time? Given the immense benefits of remote work, telecommuting has become one of the most sought after flexible work arrangements available. With a reported 79% of workers wanting to work from home at least part of the time; it’s no surprise that people want to work for companies that offer remote work programs.
Telecommuting can take multiple forms. The way people typically think of telecommuting, is an employee working from his or her home office or a coffee shop during normal working hours instead of going into the office. Office workers can also broaden their availability by logging on from home during evenings or weekends, when necessary or, while travelling for work.

Benefits For Companies

  • Higher employee Morale
  • Expanded talent pool with no geographical barriers
  • Cost Savings – Up to $11,000/yr per telecommuting employee
  • Remote workers tend to be More Satisfied with their company
  • Increased Productivity
  • Better Retention Rate with employees
  • Increased availability

Benefits For Employees

  • Flexible working hour
  • Lowered Stress
  • Improved Health – Sleep More(45%), Eat Healthier (42%), Get More Exercise (35%)
  • Better Work/Life Balance
  • Telecommuters save on average 260 hours a year by not commuting
  • Avoid Hidden Costs That Add Up To Big Savings

While companies are changing their policies, solutions are needed to stay connected with their employees. Communication is key with telecommuting. Luckily, there are now many tools available for this; laptops, virtual private networks, video conferencing, and VoIP. Thanks to VoIP, any employee around the globe can be connected under the company’s communication umbrella. Whether you want your employees to have an office phone at their home or simply download an app on their Smartphone or computer. All that is required is an Internet connection.  Inbound calls can be routed, transferred and connected to infinite locations regardless of distance. Outbound calls can be made with the company’s number rather than the employee’s personal number. And, all of this can be managed, tracked and maintained under the companies cloud communication hub.
Having telecommuting and virtual employees is not only a way to get things done round the clock, without commuting, and with hard-to-find skill sets but is also a way to meet the needs of employees who don’t want to or can’t live near the company office.
Companies are responding to this workplace evolution with a reported 90% of U.S. employers providing or expanding telework options. With all of this change, is your company keeping up?
If you have questions on how we can help connect your global workforce contact us here.
To find more statistics on telecommuting click here.
For more information on VoIP click here.


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