Why is VoIP Becoming so Popular?
VoIP has quickly become a popular phone service for businesses because of the significant savings it brings to the table. Instead of paying a phone company exorbitant fees for maintains old copper lines, you can rely on your Internet connection — which you already pay for — and have your calls processed that way. VoIP phone service is also less complex than a traditional telephone system. Traditional phone systems typically involve complicated hardware and usually requires technician intervention for even the smallest issues. With VoIP, most of the maintenance and adjustments are preformed in the cloud by us at no cost to you. And it is also a breeze to install and configure.
Is VoIP Right for You?
Whether you’re looking for a phone service option for a home office or an international multi location business, VoIP is an excellent solution. Without question, today’s best phone service plans are delivered via VoIP. In addition to being much more affordable, VoIP phone services are loaded with extra features. With Mobex, you don’t have to pay extra for them, either, which can’t be said for a traditional phone service as well as other VoIP providers. In addition to inbound/outbound caller ID, call recording, conference and transferring capabilities, we incorporate other applications and communication methods. For instance, voicemails can be sent to you wherever you are via email attachments. Calls can also be transferred to other extensions and just as easily to outside landlines and cell phones if you have employees out in the field. And while you are reaching your employees your caller can be serenaded by your choice of music on hold or even a custom commercial on hold, made just for your business.
For small, medium and large offices, VoIP is quickly becoming ubiquitous, and the trend is sure to continue and intensify as time goes by. To find out more please visit Features or call us at 1-855-US-MOBEX


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