We all are acutely aware that technology is changing and evolving at a rapid pace. Your computer, cell phones, and gadgets all seem to be outdated and diminished as soon as you walk out of the store with them. This is true for the equipment and systems in your business as well, which is why Mobex is here to help. One area in which we suggest an infrastructure overhaul is shifting from a traditional telephone system to a cloud phone system.
This sounds intimidating at first, we know, as there is so much uncertainty about “the cloud”. But we promise it’s simple and the benefits are copious. Given how much interaction you have on a daily basis with customers, vendors, staff, and more, it can be quite complicated to keep track. Not to mention communication is no longer limited to 8-5 or store hours. Work often takes place at home, on the road, and even in the air.
Therefore, here are the advantages of having a cloud-based phone system:

  1. Better contracts, lower costs.

Traditional phone systems typically require long-term contracts and costs can add up quickly, including: long distance charges, maintenance and service fees, extraneous hardware, and having a dedicated IT person on staff.
Our cloud phone system requires no long-term, binding contract; expensive hardware; costly service and maintenance; or extra staff onsite. All you need is the actual desk phones, should you choose to keep them (mobile phones work as well).

  1. Fewer complications, more mobility.

Since a cloud phone system requires no superfluous equipment, you’ll have neither any large, bulky pieces taking up storage room, nor thousands of feet of wire in your walls. The lack of physical equipment also frees you from the costs and time constraints associated with ongoing maintenance and upgrades.
Utilizing a cloud system also allows you to stay connected and access calls, faxes, and voicemails wherever you are, as long as there is an internet connection.

  1. Increased flexibility, improved focus.

We know business is always changing. By operating a cloud phone system, you can augment, alter, or reduce services as needed. You are not committed to one shape or size. You can customize your system to fit your exact needs, whether employees are in one building or scattered across 12 states.
Having this system in place allows you to concentrate on what is truly important: taking care of your customers and growing the business. You shouldn’t have to worry or put too much emphasis on and time into how your phone system is operating (or not!) Our cloud phone system allows for greater control, easier fixes, up-to-date technology, and all at a much lower cost.

Mobex provides business caliber telecommunications with customizable features to help you better connect with your customers. With Mobex, you have the added benefit of giving your small business a large business feel, and giving added security and value to your customers.


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