In a previous post “BLACKBERRY Z10: IS IT TRUE BALANCE?” we discussed how at the time the new Black Berry Balance was attempting to separate work hustle and bustle from personal life activities for all of us who either “bring your own device to work” (BYOD) or are entrepreneurs/ small business owners who run much of their companies communication’s from their smartphones.

The shortcoming from this was that even though a user is able to flip from one profile to another the communication platform never changes. Whether you are calling out, or someone else is calling in, all of that activity is happening over the same network. Thus your business/personal life is never fully separated (think cell phone minutes of use, still having to give out your personal number, uncertainty, etc). So what is the solution to this and many other communication dilemmas entrepreneurs’ face?

A Virtual PBX.

A Virtual PBX is a cloud based phone system, with a focus on those of us who would prefer to use our smartphone for life and also for business. From the user’s perspective there is no hardware to purchase, it is all in the cloud and seamlessly works with the user’s smartphone via mobile app. Perfect for entrepreneurs, mobile companies, or for employee’s that are required to BYOD. Incoming calls can be routed to an auto-attendant. The caller is given a menu of choices and the call is then forwarded to the appropriate app or cell phone. This gives small and mobile businesses a big company sound.
The system will work across multiple end devices, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows. The mobile applications use data connections, including Wi-Fi-3G/4G, to manage call routing, extensions, and take business calls from their smartphone, rather than simply route calls to their mobile phone number. (And if you’re in an area with poor internet connection, the call will automatically be routed to your cell’s network. Think of this as auto redundancy so you never miss a call.)

The Virtual PBX is designed to replace, or work in conjunction with, a desktop phone. Use this as a standalone service if your smartphone is your office; or, include this with a conventional desktop service if you have a fixed office location with our seamless integration. You are no longer tethered to your desk and can take your business out of the office with you. With full PBX functionality, including auto-attendant, IVRs, call groups, conference rooms, and web based management console, you will have everything your business communications needs right there with you on your smartphone.
– To learn more about how a Virtual PBX can help your business click here–> FAQs


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