Use your BlackBerry® Z10 smartphone for work, and access email, apps and documents without compromising your personal content.
BlackBerry® Balance™ keeps your personal information separate and private from your work data. Switch between your profiles with one simple gesture.” –

BlackBerry Balance

The new BlackBerry Z10 is the latest smartphone release that is spicing up the market with an all new buzz. Amongst many of its features, the new “BlackBerry Balance” is what is getting a lot of young professionals really interested in the product. This concept allows users to separate business and pleasure with the easy swipe of your thumb. The “swipe” safe guards against sensitive information from being leaked out to the public by creating a block that prevents the user from sharing work information on personal accounts and vice versa.
Watch the video to see the “BlackBerry Balance” in action.

True Balance?

The feature of keeping personal and work life separate sounds amazing however is it true balance? Can this new feature really keep your personal and business life separate? Is it effective?
The BlackBerry Balance tackles the BYOD trend that has been emerging in the past couple of years. To sum up the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend, many businesses found it beneficial to allow employees and even themselves to include their smartphones into the business. Consequently, employees started using two phones…one for work and one for personal. Eventually many businesses decided to include employee smartphones into the infrastructure of the company to cut costs. Now, the BlackBerry Balance allows companies to cut costs and use only one phone.
In addition, the Z10 allows employees to be free from work-related restrictions on their mobile devices. They are able to download apps, use the camera, message friends and family, and browse whatever they please.
The Balance comes through “perimeters” where employees can set their own preferences, and the business doesn’t need to control, restrict, or manage this side of the device. When the organization manages or in the event they need to wipe the “corporate” perimeter, the personal perimeter is left intact just as it was before.

A Step In the Right Direction But…

While the BlackBerry Balance on the new Z10 offers a solution, it is only part of what could be so much more. A truly separated and balanced work/life experience is about giving the user full control of the information they receive and send out, in short, the service. A service provider that can provide them with a true work/personal balance by offering an extension to what the user normally is and what they need to conduct business such as separate work/line numbers, call forwarding, video conferencing, live transfers, etc.

Balancing the BlackBerry

One thing is certain, the BlackBerry Z10 definitely provides a unique competitive advantage compared to the two industry giants of Apple and Android. It is interesting to see what these competitors will start offering in the future.
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