To begin with, it is actually a daunting task to look for the best office phone system even more difficult to look for an advanced phone system that is portable. However, when you are looking for for a company that can offer you the best hosted PBX service and price plans, look no further than Mobex.

Benefits of an office phone system

An Office phone system offers several benefits over traditional telephone systems. An Office phone system is really practical and can lower telephone bills and avoid complex cable systems. Even more so, a hosted PBX system or a VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) can be used to handle both incoming and outgoing calls. In addition, services from Mobex, offer solutions where you and your employees can send and receive messages.In addition, a virtual PBX service offers advantages to an office phone system such as IVR, conferencing presence, call forwarding, voice-mail, call hold and free internal calling.

Hosted PBX Phone System

If you are intending to use an office phone system to connect more users, then the best idea is to use the hosted PBX system. The hosted PBX system will help you administrate all the features with a couple of clicks. When it comes to choosing a communication system for commercial use, then the beneficial plan is to look for a VoIP phone services to lower the telephone call costs to enhance the productivity. The system also offers other beneficial offers such as: unified communication, Mobile PBX, personal telephone numbers, connecting and communicating different locations, telecommuting and virtual local numbers.
If you are planning to install an office phone system, then look for the best hosted PBX system or IP telephony system. The main difference between traditional telephone systems and hosted PBX system is that the PBX system will help you connect with different manufacturer. With the help of an advanced communication system like PBX, you have the opportunity to enjoy all the modern telephone features with flexibility. These days, it is easy to find a company that can offer you the cheapest office phone system. Most of these companies generally offer features like IVR, conferencing presence, call forwarding, voice-mail, call hold and free internal calling.

Other Advantages of VoIP Phone System


An interactive Voice Response system or IVR is the best customer service feature that a hosted PBX system can offer. This way your customer can directly input designated digits to connect with the appropriate section mostly for resolving queries such as “1 for sales, 2 for customer service.” You can also use an automated attendant office phone system to generate multiple nested and auto attendant menus. This will help the phone operator to manage the system in appropriate manner.

Voice mail

Voice-mail is an integral part of any office phone system. A virtual hosted PBX system will help you receive and send voice-mail automatically. Other features include voice-mail to email conversion for customers. Some useful phone programs such as call routing, call park, call hold and call transfer services are also available through this system. In addition, another great advantage is that the administrator can add as many extensions to the office phone system and can add all these features depending upon the requirements of the company.
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