Introduction of high-speed mobile networks such as 3G and 4G, and fast-paced developments in mobile communication devices continue to drive the global mobile communications industry. Global market for mobile handsets is projected to register 2.15 million units in annual shipment by 2015, primarily driven by robust demand for smartphones, especially in developing markets such as China and India.
The ever growing competition in the marketplace makes it crucial for market participants to analyze the factors that are determining subscription and consumption of mobile communication services. While network reliability, content quality and pricing models are perceived to be key market detriments for service providers, network reception, value added features, price and robustness of operating system represent key competitive factors for device manufacturers. The greater role of mobile phones on the digital platform has made it necessary for marketers to study the ways in which consumers use their mobile gadgets, and also understand the synergies between the mobile media screen and the PC-internet screen as well the differences therein.
Mobex works over VoIP and has the ability to integrate with PBX allowing you to take advantage of the ever growing reliability of mobile communication technology while bringing you big savings.
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