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SIP Trunking Simplified
Feb 10

SIP Trunking Simplified

By Mobex | Business Communication , Cloud Communications , PBX , SIP Trunks

SIP Trunking Simplified

Traditional phone lines are no longer adequate for today’s rapid pace of business communications. That’s why many companies are moving their communications to a cloud-hosted solution for their business phone system. A flexible and feature-rich path to this is available through Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking, a cost-effective technology that connects your legacy phone system to the Cloud. But what exactly are SIP Trunks and what are the benefits of switching?

What are SIP Trunks?

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking use Voice over IP (VoIP) to connect a private branch exchange to the internet. This replaces the old telephone trunk with internet and enables the business to communicate with mobile and fixed telephone subscribers.

Why SIP Trunking?

SIP trunks offer more flexibility than the traditional analog telephony service. The traditional service is limited to the number of the copper wires used to handle calls. However, for the SIP trunks, you can have an unlimited number of calls based on the capacity of the network.

Moreover, while using SIP trunking, businesses are able to combine data and voice services into one connection. It is also easier to add a number of applications on the network such as Video conferencing and video calling.

In many organizations, a large chunk of communication happens between the branches and the head office. However, this cost can be eliminated by switching over to SIP platform and have the branch-to-branch call made as if one is dialing another extension on the system.

Businesses can cut down their costs and improve their flexibility by the use of SIP trunking. With the growth of voice over internet protocol, there are no limits to the connections that the business can make with branches and the outside world.

Choosing a SIP Provider

When choosing a SIP provider, some of the areas that any business should check include the security of the system, the quality of support provided by the service provider and the pricing models available. The reliability of the internet connection is also an important area to consider. There should be enough bandwidth to support the additional voice traffic. Your SIP provider can help test this prior to implementation.

For companies that require an extra layer of security, they can ask the service providers for real-time transport protocol capabilities, which is a codec that allows for the encryption of voice over the internet. Other companies of transport layer security that encrypts the actual SIP messages. For additional information or to see more of the benefits available to you via Mobex SIP Trunks, please visit us here.

Nov 21

SIP Trunking: What Are The Benefits?

By Mobex | Business Communication , SIP Trunks , Unified Communications

In our last post we broke down exactly what SIP Trunking is and the primary benefits of why it is good for business, most notably a substantial reduction in costs, particularly when the service is tailored to your individual needs. However,as promised, we want to further examine its many benefits, as we believe this is something every business needs, regardless of its size.

  1. The user experience. All users will find that SIP Trunking has a stress-free, easy-to-use communications interface. And IT managers will discover that is an efficient and low-cost means to quickly scale services without incurring huge expenditures, which ultimately generates a significant ROI in a very short amount of time (sometimes in less than six months).
  2. The reliability. SIP Trunking comes with increased stability and reliability compared to traditional phone systems. During power outages, Trunks can easily be redirected to supplementary destinations: cell phones, other offices, and more (depending upon your business rules and requirements), thereby permitting uninterrupted service.
  3. The productivity. With the ability to flawlessly connect multiple offices and remote workers, SIP Trunking improves workforce partnership. This is especially important to organizations with international employees or offices. SIP Trunking makes traveling and moving much easier, as your phone number easily goes with you whether you’re changing offices or on the road.
  4. The fusion of communication. SIP Trunking combines mobile devices and remote workers by enabling a blend of premise and cloud based services, creating an IP-based unified communications system of voice, data, instant messaging, and application sharing.
  5. The scalability. As previously mentioned, SIP Trunking offers the freedom to increase or decrease services when needed. You are no longer required to invest in an infrastructure based on hypothetical and/or unpredictable future needs; you already have all capabilities at your fingertips. With proper programming, you can establish a SIP Trunk for your current needs and scale up and down when and as often as you see fit.

We truly believe unified communications via SIP Trunking saves you substantial time and expenses. Mobex has a variety of SIP Trunks available and together we can customize a service solution to meet your organization’s needs. To see more of the benefits offered to you by Mobex via SIP Trunks please visit here.


Mobex provides business caliber telecommunications with customizable features to help you better connect with your customers. With Mobex, you have the added benefit of giving your small business a large business feel, and added security and value to your customers.

Nov 06

SIP Trunking: What Is It? Why Should We Use It?

By Mobex | Business Communication , SIP Trunks

A new IHS survey shows 45 percent of respondents use SIP Trunking today for a portion of their voice connectivity requirements, rising to 62 percent by 2017 as the use of legacy trunks such as T1s decreases. But why the switch?

There is no questioning technology has changed immensely over the last 10 years, even more so in the last five. One area in which this is very apparent is telecommunications for businesses, both large and small. An increasingly common phrase in modern telecom is SIP Trunking or SIP Trunks. If you are reading this, we assume you are most likely a current or potential Mobex customer and not in the telecom industry yourself and therefore do not understand what SIP Trunking means and would like to know more. As always, we are here to help.

To fully comprehend what SIP Trunking means, you must first understand the S-I-P. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. In traditional telecommunications, network engineers established a distinct difference between the two different phases of a voice call. The first phase includes all the physical needs one must have to establish communication between two devices; therefore, the phones or computers themselves. The second phase is the data transfer and the technology with which it transpires. SIP is the standardized communications protocol, otherwise known as the set of rules, for signaling and controlling multimedia communications sessions. SIP applications not only include voice calls, but also video calls and instant messaging.

Having established what SIP means, we can now move on to SIP Trunking. Although a SIP Trunk provides the same basic service you would get from a traditional analog phone line, you no longer need a physical wire to make it work. SIP Trunking is a virtual phone line provided by Mobex, networked via your data circuit (i.e. your internet).

Because SIP Trunking requires no physical lines and communicating over a computer network comes at lower costs, overall, it is considerably cheaper. Dependent upon the types of communications and calls you are making, SIP Trunking can potentially save you up to 50%, leaving a significant portion of your budget to go towards other business needs and/or increasing profits.

Getting setup is relatively simple. All we need to do is determine how many SIP Trunks you will need (typically one per every 2-3 users) and examine your internet connection. You may or may not need to increase your bandwidth, based on the amount of calls you expect to make.

Simplicity and cutting costs is just two of the many benefits of converting to SIP Trunking. In our next post we will further examine its many paybacks and how it can take your business to the next level. Until then, visit our SIP Trunking page for further details.


Mobex provides business caliber telecommunications with customizable features to help you better connect with your customers. With Mobex, you have the added benefit of giving your small business a large business feel, and giving added security and value to your customers.