Reliable Business Phone Service,

Without Breaking The Bank.

What Sets Mobex Business Phone Service Apart?

  • No Contracts, Ever.  Your business needs to be flexible and agile, which is why we don't hold you down. 
  • Save Money & Expand.  No setup or activation fees when you decided to host your phones with Mobex services. 
  • Dedicated Support. You have your own person who will know your business and provide specialized support. 

When it Comes To Selecting The Right VoIP Phone Service For Your Business, We See A Few Problems...

Usually it has to do because of:

"Convenient" Cable Companies - Most business owners like yourself get caught in the "Cable Trap" where your local cable company will come in and convince you that it is better to "bundle" your services together. What ends up happening is you sign up for more services than you originally wanted and get little to nothing that you actually needed. Every little feature you'd like to add such as Call Forwarding or Voicemail-to-Text  is additional expense. Not to mention, they charge a premium for the "convenience" they provide. 

Confusing Pricing - Most providers will mention one price, then when the bill is due, you find out about all these hidden fees that spike up your monthly bill way more than you intended. In some cases, providers have different "tiers" and within each tier, a different monthly price depending on number of users. You end up getting locked into either a 12 or even 36 month contract, which makes it really difficult to scale your business in the event you need to add more lines. 

Complexity of Interface and Features - If it is one thing to find a service provider with a pricing that make sense, then it is a whole other thing to find one with a friendly user interface. You run the risk of spending countless hours on a complicated user interface with a tech support team that has trouble understanding your business just to get your phones working. Then after that, the configuration is so confusing, you have to call tech support back just to make any changes. The whole process is slow, daunting, and ends up taking precious time from you focusing on your business. 

Sound Quality and Reliability - You want your customers to have the best experience possible whenever they call in. So when it comes to dropped calls, poor call quality, and outages - that's unacceptable. Depending on how your service provider sets up your VoIP system determines the quality of your phones. If you have a poor system with weak internet, then your customer is going to be the one that feels it. 

“It seems that there is no perfect solution for every business especially when it comes to business phone service and communications.”

​Cloud based phone systems are great. You can get work calls while out on business, your remote employees can all use the same phone system, you can check your history online, and even forward calls based on different options.

However, what might work in one location might not work in another. It seems that there is no perfect solution for every business especially when it comes to business phone service and communications. On top of that, you may be getting confused looking for the right provider or worse, getting even more frustrated after signing up for a plan.

If you can relate to this problem, then we have the solution.

By choosing Mobex, you’ll get the following benefits:

Save Up to 40% On Your Service Bills 

Our pricing is simple and straight forward. $34.95 per line per month. That's it. No hidden fees, set up costs, or activation costs. You get everything you need and all the features on day one. 

Gain Back Time Spent "Troubleshooting"

In addition to a friendly and easy to user interface - a dedicated support team will be there for you to ensure that you'll be working with someone who knows your business and can troubleshoot any errors quickly and effectively. 

Confidence & Support 

Run your business they way you want knowing your phones aren't going to be a hassle. Our solid and reliable system which provides 99.9% up-time will give you the peace of mind so you can focus on what you do best. 

What Our Service Does for You:


"A cost-saving, consistent, professional, and optimized call handling virtual receptionist."

An Auto-Attendant is a virtual receptionist - a 24/7 sidekick that is ready, willing, and able to handle and route all the calls that come into your business. A voice menu that directs customers to the appropriate destinations. The customer gets acknowledged for their call, provided options to better assist, and are routed to the best people that can help. 

Make Sure The Call Gets Answered With Ring Groups

With Ring Groups, you can set up a process so that once someone selects option 1, all the phone in a certain department ring so that the customer's call is answered as quickly as possible. 

  • Set up a Ring Group so that all the phones in an entire department ring at once. 
  • Use Ring Groups to set up a process so the calls are automatically routed to employees who are logged into a system and available.

Time of Day Call Routing, Answer Calls After Hours

You can use Time of Day Call Routing features so when a customer calls after work hours, the call is automatically routed to your office on the west coast where it is going to be answered by the next available representative. 

You can have your system send the calls to your personal cell phone, you team's phone, or anywhere else you'd like your customers to go to - depending on time. 

Never Miss A Call, No Matter Where With Find Me, Follow Me

What happens if a customer calls your direct extension but you are not at your desk? With Find Me Follow Me, the system can route the call to your cell phone. If the cell phone can't get through, the call can route to the office receptionist or to your auto-responder. 

This feature can work with any and all of your agents. This means a customer's phone call has the best possible chance of being answered. 

You never miss a call no matter where you or your employees are. 

Mobile Apps Bring The Power of Your Desk Phone When You're On The Go

Mobile Apps for your business telecommunications provide you with a professional phone with on the go. You are no longer limited to your desk to handle those all-important conference calls. 

You can set up your mobile app in minutes and enjoy making and receiving calls from almost anywhere - over Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, LTE, etc. 

Plus Over 30 Features. To See Our List of Full Features, Please Click Here...

What You’ll Get...

A complete communication and collaboration solution for your business. 
Mobex Mock Up Business Phone Service

"A Business Phone Service That Allows To You Be Agile & Flexible"

Mobex services can be used on any device truly making your business mobile and flexible. Never leave a customer or potential business opportunity waiting to be answered again!

Call today to sign up for Mobex Business Phone Services where you get a top of the line business phone service without the hassle at an affordable monthy rate. 

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Still Not Sure If Your Business Is Ready For Mobex Business Phone Service? 

We get it, there are a lot of questions and concerns before switching providers so let's address a few here.

The Total Cost of Ownership is Too High: With a hosted VoIP solution, you save from day one on your monthly communication service fees. No expensive (PBX) boxes or systems required. 

I Need A Huge IT Support Staff - Unlike traditional phone systems with a huge on-site hardware, Mobex Business Phone Service requires very little IT support or training to administer. You can quickly add, delete, or enable additional features. You can manage your entire system right off your computer or tablet. 

Switching Is Too Much of An Expense - No large servers or systems to purchase. Other than having to buy phones (in some instances), there are no major expenses that depreciate over time. All you have is an affordable monthly service that improves your communications with your customers, business partners, and employees.  

Worse Case Scenario Disaster - In the event of a natural disaster or freak accident, your business can communicate uninterrupted. Your system is always hosted over a secure data center. With a web-based portal, it is easy to set up call forwarding to off site phones such as your cell phone or unaffected locations. 

Scaling Up/Down My Business - Most traditional phone systems will only support a fixed number of employees and costs can get complicated when it comes time to expanding or contracting your business. With VoIP from Mobex Business Phone Service, you can easily add or decrease the number of lines you need and know exactly how much your bill is going to be since our costs are fixed. Total flexibility, easy to manage, quick to deploy. 

Affecting The Functionality of My Business - Mobex Business Phone Service brings along over 35 different phone features to seriously increase the functionality of your business. From Call Forwarding, Conferencing, Voicemail to Email, High Definition Calling, Dial-By-Name Directory to Unlimited Call Handling. There isn't much you can't do with VoIP. Plus, you can easily manage what features you want on or off, no need to call in and spend hours with a support team.  You get all of these features the day you sign up. 

My Workforce Is Spread Out - with VoIP from Mobex Business Phone Service, you are not tied down to a desk. It is the ideal solution for existing and emerging businesses who have a need to be constantly connected to produce results from anywhere at anytime. 

I Already Have A Phone System In Place - Doesn't matter. With Mobex Business Phone Service, we can switch your service to ours easily using the current infrastructure you already have. Even if you are under contract or have a traditional PBX system (SIP Trunking).

Don't Wait: Stop Overpaying On Your Monthly Bill For Limited and Frustrating Service 

Switching to Mobex  is easy. All you do is give us a call to 1-855-US-Mobex, talk to one of our representatives, and get set up  to begin enjoying the benefits of our business phone service. 

If you have any questions, please call us and we'll be more than happy to talk about how you can leverage Mobex to service your business. But please don't put off this decision longer than it needs to. By doing so, you are spending hundreds of dollars you don't need to on an inadequate service that is going to leave you frustrated and confused.

Switch to Mobex today and enjoy reliable  and affordable business phone service without the hassle. ​

Summary of What You’ll Get...

  • Over 35 Phone Features 
  • No Contract, Set Up, or Activation Fees
  • Customize & Reliable Support
  • Easy Set Up & Installation

All these now for just:

$34.95 Per Month, Per User

(Normally $65)

That's It. Simple. $34.95 a month per line per month and you get access to over 35 unique phone features, customized support, and a reliable system.  

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't like the level of service we provide or the quality of the system we put in place over the next 30 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.


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